Overcome Self-doubt, Step into your best self

We Believe That Public Speaking Is a Skill, Not a Talent

When you speak with confidence and authenticity, you command people’s attention, influence others, and move up in your career.

Do you know emerging leaders who shy away from speaking opportunities? Would you like to invest in and retain your top talent? What would it mean to your bottom line if everyone in your organization could speak with impact, both in-person and virtually? 


Imagine This...

  • Standing tall on a stage and speaking your message in a way that lands right every time
  • Engaging every audience member and connecting with them in a memorable and profound way
  • Articulating your thoughts the way you imagined in your head
  • Knowing how to craft your message so that your points are delivered to your audience smoothly
  • Knowing exactly what to do with your hands and arms when speaking
  • Inspiring others through your message

 Equipped to Speak Helps You:


  • Deliver compelling pitches and presentions
  • Speak with poise on camera or to the media
  • Confidently answer questions in front of an audience
  • Confidently lead meetings, webinars, or conference calls
  •  Present at conferences or moderate panels

Welcome to our Equipped to Speak Community that will Help You Sharpen Your Public Speaking Skills

Our Why:

“From I was younger, my goals were very much a ‘child’s dream’ – more than anything, I wanted to impact the space I grew up in, and for the people I grew up alongside. Up to now, that very thing has defined all my decisions whether career of choice or paths in leadership. And what I’ve learned over the years is that what always means the most to me is being a part of so many persons’ stories- Seeing you all push past your nerves when you doubted your ability. This is what will represent the core of our community more than our light blue colours – The warm personality and values which represent who I am.

For me, this isn’t about simply going up to any podium/stage, but represents the first step in breaking through every barrier you’ve mentally placed on yourself. Bloom wildly without regret, you can definitely do this.”

~ Shamar Wedderburn,  Founder, & Lead Coach

Programs Customized for You

Whether through  one-on-one communication coaching, group training, and online learning, Equipped to Speak prides itself on creating the most effective programs to build your speaking skills in any professional setting.

Our mission is to help people speak in their authentic voice, and find their confidence to speak up.

Personal Coaching

One-On-One Speaking training personalized for you and your needs.

Virtual Group Training

Become dynamic speakers together as a group of 3-10! Engaging virtual options for you and friends.

Workshop Training For your Organization's Team

In-person group workshops and training programs.

What Our Clients Say

I was always so nervous about speaking public speaking! I was always so worried about saying the wrong thing or my mind going blank or not giving the “politically correct” answer..

After working with Shamar for such a short time, I learned to be more intentional and genuine when speaking publicly. I learned to articulate my responses better and most importantly HAVE FUN.

It was super easy to work with Shamar, I felt very comfortable. The guidance and encouragement throughout the process was amazingggg! Even after the session he never failed to remind me that I’m capable and more than competent! His passion and enthusiasm for speaking alone will make you want to sign up 😅

- Tahje Bennett, Winner of Miss Faculty of Law 2021 Pageant & 2nd Runner Up, Miss Jamaica World 2022

When I do speeches in certain contexts, I get anxious. Therefore, I focus more on getting the speech done rather than how it is delivered. I did not know how to give a speech and have people engaged in what I was speaking about.

The coaching sessions gave me perspective on how to engage with an audience, and to adjust depending on the audience I am talking to. I am now more aware of the importance of engaging with your audience and how to be more intentional in doing so. I felt comfortable and I surprised myself when I saw how I improved as I did the speaking exercises.

- Sharese Benjamin, Attorney-in-Training, Norman Manley Law School

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