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Imagine This...

  • Standing tall on a stage and speaking your message in a way that lands right every time
  • Engaging every audience member and connecting with them in a memorable and profound way
  • Articulating your thoughts the way you imagined in your head
  • Learn a range of effective presenting techniques to comfortably make pitches and proposals

Welcome to the
Building Confident

What our past participants have said

This was a very empowering workshop for me! There was a particular activity where we
were asked to pitch business ideas to a group of ‘investors’ and it initially had me puzzled
because I thought the item I was given to pitch seemed ridiculous. However the exercise
opened my eyes to how I can be calm and adaptable to any situation where I need to give a

- Kurdane Eccleston, Youth Parliamentarian

Engaging, riveting, informative, fun, and transforming doesn’t even encapsulate the time we had at Building
Confident you.

- Jenieve Richards