Workshop Facilitator

Facilitation Training

 “He was dynamic in his delivery and kept the audience engaged for the entirety of his presentation (which is challenging to do in the virtual space). His unique delivery and infectious energy set the tone for the rest of the workshop!”

-Danielle Walwyn, Advocacy Officer & Coordinator of Healthy Caribbean Youth, Healthy Caribbean Coalition 

As it always been part of my own story, I firmly believe in the potential for personal growth and development training to be essential factors in advancing firstly my nation of Jamaica, but also potentially the entire Caribbean region.

Topics I deliver Workshops, Practical Presentations and Team Training sessions on:

  • Presentation and Public Speaking Training 
  • Professional Growth 
  • Team building / Trust-building
  • How to build and maintain a High Performing Team
  • Strategic Planning for Non-profit Organizations        
  • Managing and Leading Through Change
  • Empowerment sessions for Youth

Whether in-person or remotely, workshops I facilitate always focus on practical skill building techniques that incorporate roleplay, simulation, audio/video and peer to peer interaction.

Custom Workshops & Seminars

Our customizable workshops and seminars can be tailored for your organization on any topic and delivered in any format that suits your needs.

Interested in more in-Depth Training on Public Speaking?

Through my wealth of experience in speaking and debate for over 7 years, I have conceptualized The ‘Equipped to Speak’ Community. A platform whereby I deliver personal public speaking coaching to young professionals.

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Have you ever avoided an opportunity due to your fear of speaking publicly?👇🏽

Through Equipped to Speak Coaching, 

You can learn to:

Deliver compelling pitches and presentations

Speak with poise on camera or to the media

Confidently answer questions in front of an audience

Confidently lead meetings, webinars, or conference calls

Present at conferences or moderate panels

Personal Coaching

One-On-One Speaking training personalized for you and your needs.

Virtual Group Training

Become dynamic speakers together as a group of 3-10! Engaging virtual options for you and friends.

Workshop Training For your Organization's Team

In-person group workshops and training programs.